www-T.net T Tedin In Carnival of Life The Sun shines on everyone.


Salute, everyone!

www-T.net T Tedi  In Carnival of Life The Sun shines on everyone.

My name is Tedin Tadija Dovoda, or shorter T (Te)
for SMILE of people opted.

S alute
M utual
I ndeed
L ovely
E xperience

I love to turn my face toward the sun,
so that my shadow falls behind me.

I'm proud to take founding part in few projects that are about :
(p.s. I have edited this video in year of 2010 so HD quality is missing. ):

Project for orphan children in Home Laduc, Zagreb, Croatia:
Facebook Cudesno putovanje i cudan san page link
For the time being project in Croatian language only,
with many of popular quotes from famous people and few of my own stories, poems and crafts.
1. Relieving war tension between religion members in eastern Europe.
2. Bring orphan children of Laduc home to the beautiful sea of Croatia coast.
(p.s. Till now 2 times that wish came true and they visited Island of Krk and city Novi Vinodolski)
In doing so I managed to thank them for what they had taught me.
I spent short time as volunteer there,
teaching them how to juggle,
but they teach me more about how to truly play, to laugh and to be thankful to each other.

Tedin Tadija Dovoda Constructive creativity presentation; download 13MB

More about children as experts
and how Play changes the world - from scientific standpoint
based on my preschool teacher study
You can see here:


Most recent project and one that will have most of my energy in future:
Planting Gratitude org...
(Projekt zahvalnost)

project that recently brings out his thankfulness: Tacktomten of Gnomekind.

How did Tacktomten get his name -story in picture; pdf download 9MB

Tacktomten favorite storytelling play; pdf download 3.5MB

Based on my preschool teacher study final work named "Rituals, games and activities for expressing gratitude in the institutions of early and preshool education".

and based on method "Mantle of the Expert" of Dorothy Heathcote
my own special heroine and giant from which shoulders I'm observing most of my work with children.

Quote: "In this method Heathcote played a role within the drama of the unknowing, the innocent, forgetful or unable.
This leaves only the role of the expert vacant for the learners to adopt the metaphor of the mantle: the child at the centre.
The name "Mantle of the Expert" evokes the idea of learning growing like a mantle, or cloak, surrounding the learner.
In some ways the image which is bestowed as a sign of mana, or respect, knowledge and status.
However, Heathcote makes it clear that unlike the korowai, the "mantle"
in "Mantle of the Expert" is not a garment to be gifted by another, but a quality that grows from within:
Mantle is not a cloak by which a person is recognised. This is no garment to cover.
I use it as a quality: of leadership, carrying standards of behaviour,
morality, responsibility, ethics and the spiritual basis of all action.
The mantle embodies the standards I ascribe to. It grows by usage, not garment stitching."
source text link

Tacktomten and Tedin in forest of Ucka nature park; download 3MB

We cannot force teach children about the beauty of nature they possess inside.

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." Galileo Galilei
"All we can give another person is information." William Glasser link to William Glasser talk on Choice Theory
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklin

We can help them be involved in process of learning, of play, and discovery.

This video shows my work,
children fully involved in celebration of play, of laughter, of thankfulness to each other:

I'm thankful for all of my memories created through my work...

starting in 2007. as Tourist entertainer and then promoted to "Children's entertainment leader"
and to receive award for "The best children's entertainer of summer 2008" in Novi Resort, Novi Vinodolski

and to celebrate life in such way that this is my way of make living, my work, continually from 2007. till today...

Croatian post stamp theme "Croatian fairy world"

I'm thankful for this wonderful world I'm living in

To see more about my work please go to :
my edutainment youtube channel
my second edutainment youtube channel

Few of my own favorite there are:

Few of my favorite TED talks (great source of ideas worth sharing):

Tell everybody I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead
I'm on my way
And there's nowhere else
that I'd rather be

ON MY WAY :) soundtrack from my favorite edutainment cartoon Brother Bear